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    Clear all rows in a Bean Data Control

      I am using JDeveloper

      In my use case I have a screen that interacts with a Bean Data Control I have followed the steps in the following URL to create a Bean Data Control


      My screen successfully interacts with the Bean Data Control. This screen lives in a Bounded Task Flow (BTF). I can add rows using a Create Insert binding and can delete Rows as well. Once the user gets all rows into the Bean Data Control that they want inserted to a DB table, I can iterate through the Bean Data Control and post those records to the DB. It is possible for the users to add rows to the Bean Data Control and then link to a brand new screen which is in a different BTF which leaves rows in the Bean Data Control. Now the user goes back to the original screen. Upon returning, I want to empty (clear all rows) for the Bean Data Control so that they have a fresh start. Could you please provide guidance on what I might need to do to be able to clear a Bean Data Control when entering a BTF