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    AWM Calculated MESURE

      Hi All,

      I created a dimensions and a cube using AWM.

      My dimension name dimens_x with levels level1_x_id and level2_x_id( which maps a table tab_x in my database column1_x and column2_x)

      My cube name is cube1

      I need to create a calculated mesure number_elements_diff_than_value

      I created it using the wisard, but my problem is the correct syntax of the MDX query I need to have : My mesure needs to do something like this : select count() from My_FACT_TABLE where level1_x<> 'value'; *

      The mesure must give, for each dimension, the number of rows in the fact table where the value of the column level1_x( dimension dimens_x )

      I need the query to put in AWM wizard when creating the calculated mesure ...

      Any clue ??

      Thanks so much !!