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    how to check whether VSS is supported by Oracle Instance


      From the VSS backup & restore document, it is said that currently Oracle VSS writer service does not support VSS for oracle database configure with ASM, RAW file system, OCFC, ACFS, NFS.
      Also it does not support RAC with the above env.

      Is there any way to know from the Oracle instance that VSS is not support if such configuration are set.
      I mean is there any direct way for e.g. OCI api or sql query which tells whether vss is supported for that particular instance

      If not than is there some workaround. May be we can get info about such configuration (eg ASM, RAW file system etc).


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          VSS provides a Windows-specific interface that enables coordination between requesters that back up data, writers that update data on disk, and providers that manage storage. Oracle Database functions as a writer that is integrated with VSS-enabled applications.
          You can use VSS-enabled software and storage systems on Windows to back up and restore an Oracle database. A key benefit is the ability to use a VSS-enabled application to make an online backup of the whole database.

          The Oracle VSS writer runs separately from the Oracle database instance. From the perspective of the database, the VSS writer is simply an OCI client.

          The Oracle VSS writer provides command-line options to install and uninstall the writer service. During installation, you can specify the Windows account under which the service must be started. The writer uses operating system authentication when connecting to a database instance. Thus, the Windows user must be able to log in as SYSDBA to the Oracle database instances managed by the writer service.

          The command-line syntaxes for the Oracle VSS writer are as follows:

          oravssw {q [/start | /stop | /status]}
          oravssw SID [tl trace_level] [tf trace_file]
          oravssw SID  [d]

          You can change the userid and password using the Services snapin.

          Table 8-1 describes the options for the Oracle VSS writer.

          Table 8-1 Oracle VSS Writer Options
          Option      Description


          SID of the Oracle instance to which the service connects.


          Installs the service for a specified SID.


          Queries the Oracle VSS writer services. But when not used with options like /start or /status or /stop, it just displays the list of Oracle VSS writer services.


          Displays the current status of all Oracle writer services and can be used only with the /q option.


          Starts all Oracle VSS writer services and can be used only with the /q option..


          Stops all Oracle VSS writer services and can be used only with the /q option..


          Specifies the trace level for a Oracle VSS writer for a specified SID.


          Specifies the trace file name for Oracle VSS writer for a specified SID.


          Uninstalls the service for a specified SID.

          In Example 8-1, you install the service so that it connects to the prod1 instance.

          Example 8-1 Installing Oracle VSS Writer

          oravssw prod1 /i


          Any errors during operation of the Oracle VSS writer are reported by means of Windows System Event logging APIs. You can view these errors with the Windows Event Viewer.

          Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( supports Oracle VSS snapshots only when Oracle VSS writer 11g is configured to manage the database. See OracleMetaLink Note 580558.1 for more information about installing Oracle VSS writer for use with 9i and 10g databases.

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            The reply posted tells about how to get vss status, trace level , install etc & I already know this from oracle url:- http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/win.111/b32010/vss.htmI
            I think, I should put my question in different way.....

            There is a note in the above url under section "Basic Concepts of Database Backup and Recovery with VSS"
            Automatic Storage Management files and raw files are not supported for Oracle VSS snapshots.
            My question is: I agree that windows VSS does not support such oracle filesystem/files.....but lets say I have RAC 11g R2 configured with ASM/RAW files, so
            does this means that I would not be able to take Oracle VSS snapshots of any of my RAC components (datafiles etc)? i.e. I would not be able to take backup using VSS in that case, is that so ?

            If I can still backup, how I will get details about what all oracle components are supported by Oracle VSS writer for backup either using comand line or some other way.
            And if not, how will I know about such configuration details (ASM / RAW files) from oracle instance so that I can skip VSS & use RMAN for backup.

            Hope it clarifies further.