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    How to start EJB 3.0 Timer on App start in WLS Cluster


      I'm running WebLogic Server PSU Patch for BUG14331529

      I have a two node cluster and am following the below link to create a persistent EJB 3.0 timer that runs on the cluster.

      I need the Timer to start with the application. I have tried both a ServletContextListener and a WebLogic ApplicationLifecycleListener, but neither throw errors when I call TimerService.createTimer() on my Timer Bean. In fact, ApplicationLifecycleListener would appear to not allow me to call an EJB at all.

      I have the found the following Support doc, but that simply refers to restarting a Timer, not creating a new one.

      Can anybody please tell me how I can start the EJB 3.0 Timer with the application on a WLS Cluster? I can start a Timer fine on a single node using the ServletContextListener.

      Many thanks.