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    Java 1.6.0_37 on OS 10.7 Lion

      My company uses Kodak Prinergy Insite 5.5 for our users in the field to upload their entire book to us in PDF format. We got Safari 6 to work with Java 1.6.0_37 for Web Start application used by InSite 5.5.

      But, we're now having problems with 'uploading' files into InSite. The uploader goes through the motions, but fails at 99%.

      Does anyone know of something else that needs to work in conjunction with Java 1.6.0_37? InSite 5.5 supports 32 bit. We are not in a position to upgrade at this time to InSite 6 that supports Java 7 on Lion. I'm trying to research some type of work around to help our 10.7 Lion users in the field.

      I've tried different things with Terminal, but nothing has helped as of yet.