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    ODM clustering through apex

      I am just wondering if there is anyway we can implement one of the ODM models (say, clustering) through APEX ? I am just thinking of creating a website that provides ODM clustering functionality, so I thought may be using APEX. What do you guys think ? Kinda stupid?!!

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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          You can certainly implement model build, test and scoring operations from APEX.
          There is an APEX api that also provides a simple way to execute long running processes, such as model build.
          So technically it is quite doable.
          I guess the more uncertain aspect of the effort is whether it achieves the desired purpose.
          Typically, when a UI is built for model building, it either takes the form of a tool interface or as a feature of a broader application.
          These are two very different goals.

          The tool interface must, by definition, provides a lot of degrees of freedom to the user.
          This can be simplified if the tool is intended to have some form of constrained interface.
          But features such as data acquisition and transformations will come up.
          And of course there are the specifics of the algorithm api that may or may not be exposed.
          The Data Miner UI provides a workflow paradigm to allow this type of flexibility.

          The application interface may not expose any mining build details at all, but focus on integrating the value of mining to the user.
          Such mining results can be so tightly imbedded into the business domain that the user does not really think of it as a mining application.
          For example, you can look at the Oracle Human Resource Predictive Analytics application and see interfaces exposing the likely hood that employees may leave an organization with various metrics explaining why, and possible scenarios to retain the employee. This was all possible by imbedding mining with the application.

          Good luck, Mark