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    OBI Maps question

      Hi guys!

      I'm wondering is there a possibility to show two different analysis on one map ?

      If yes please let me know how...

      With regards,

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          Hi User,

          As per my knowledge it is not possible.
          How ever - try to combine your analysis results using - Union of Reports (Don't show this one - table view)
          But, pass the results to map from this analysis (analysis which is comb. of union of reports) - So, you can show both on same map.

          Make sure, the datatype of two analysis are same.

          If, it is completly diff reports and diff datatypes - with diff number of columns... then you cannot.
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            Thank you :) I've thought maybe there is some kind of different solution...because the data sources are completelly different. Then can ben combined using views and so on, but these points should be always visible and this leads to multiplying the rows to match every filters on a dashboard ;/

            With regards,