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    OIM Database requirements sga_max_size

      Hi Gurus,

      I need to properly define sga_max_size for OIM/OAM DB (NO OID is considered), Enterprise deployment guide suggest 4GB, OIM Admin guide suggest 3 GB for memory_target.

      My OIM/OAM deployment is HA, oracle DB is in RAC mode, Actually I have sga_max_size set to 2 GB each node of the RAC.

      Please consider following characteristics for sizing:

      Users: <1000
      Logged in users: 200
      Managed applications in OIM (connectors): 5
      Resources per user: 5
      Roles: 25
      Access Policies: 50

      DBA says that sga_max_size CAN'T be easily reconfigured, specially if available RAM is limited, so, we need to properly size this attributre in DB now. All other parameters has been seted up as recommended in Enterprise deployment guide

      Please suggest.