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    Boost endeca records

    Tijomon Mathew

      We are using endecaa work bench page builder to boost some records during search and navigation, the functionality is working on search but the navigation is not boosting any records,

      how to debug more on this issue? i executed the get wm config and update work bench config scripts, do i need to execute any additional steps to boost records in navigation?

      Tijomon Mathew
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          Hi Tijomon,

          Are you getting the page which you are created in workbench for particular navigation state while testing from jsp reference, please check if it is coming then check Results List Boost Bury in Supplemental Object.
          There you can the records which you have boosted for particular navigation state.

          Sunil N
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            Tijomon Mathew
            Hi Sunil,

            I am getting <Property name="boostStrata"> property from PropertyMap, the issue is we are doing a sort based on some other value and the boosting of the products are not working on this, how can i achive the following requirement.

            1) boost the products

            2) sort based on custom property name.

            Tijomon Mathew
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              imseva - oracle
              It's possible to use an explicit sort key on the query in conjunction with boost/bury, but you have to set both the stratify expression and the sort in the Ns parameter. An explicit sort key (Ns) will override boost and bury if the boost/bury expression is part of your normal relevance ranking strategy, but if you use the boost/bury rel rank expression with the Ns parameter it should be able to accommodate what you are asking.

              (assuming you mean you are using an explicit Ns sort key instead of a default sort which is specified at Dgidx)

              See Page 83 of the Basic Dev Guide for more information


              What isn't explicitly shown there however, is that it should be possible to do your EQL expression in the Ns, and then follow with traditional Ns params like ...sortkey|direction||sort key|direction...