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    UPK 11.1.0 Issues With Customized Publishing Styles?

      Hi there: I am using UPK 11.1.0 on Windows 7 after migrating from 3.6.1 on XP. I am trying to publish topics using our customized style settings (basically our corporate logo as a GIF in place of the Oracle GIF). This was all working fine until today, when trying to publish a new topic the Publishing Wizard does not show the Player, HTML, and LMS options with the customized style folder (it works fine with the stock Oracle style folder). The only options I get when using the customized style publishing option are the Word documents. I created a new custom styles folder and copied the default UPK publishing styles into it but I am still having the same issue. Anyone have suggestions as to how to resolve this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Giles