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    How to relate multiple Job Orders created through Oracle Configurator?

      Hi All,
      I am in the middle of implementing Oracle R12 CTO solution at one of customer locations. As per the proposed solution, Sales Team will use options defined in Oracle Configurator to create order in Oracle Order Management. Based on this configuration Oracle Configurator will create a *Item, which will be manufactured against Job Order in Oracle WIP.
      In our scenario, the manufacturing lead-time is 12 days.
      On Day-1, Job Order # 16003 created for *Item AS654.1 is "Release" for production. Required components and resources are issued, and production begins on Shop Floor.
      On Day-6, customer request same changes in the configuration. The changes is done by Sales Team using Oracle Configurator, another Item AS768 is now created. System create new Job Order # 16004 for this Item and change status of Job Order # 16003 to 'On-hold'.
      From Day-7 onwards, manufacturing users shall work on Job Order # 16004 instead of 16003. The components issued to 16003 and cost incurred till Day-6 shall be reflected in 16004. Unfortunately, although EBS is smart enough to put old order on hold while creating new job order but there is no pre-defined relationship between old and new orders. System will ask users to start new order from day-1.
      Appreciate help to resolve this issue.
      This is very urgent, I need to start CRP from next week.