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    RMAN + OSB on cloud


      I have amazon cloud (EC2,EBS,S3) and i installed Oracle . does anyone know that
      1. Does OSB (Oracle Secure Backup) is Pre-installed and pre-configured on EC2.
      2. Can I take backup of cloud DB on my local machine by using RMAN + OSB(Oracle secure backup)
      3. Can I take backup on S3 of Cloud DB using RMAN + OSB?

      Thanks in advance.
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          I would take these questions directly to Amazon's tech support for your service. I guess it depends on the level of service you got.
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            OSB is not pre-installed in EC2 you have to do it yourself. Here is a great video that will show you exactly how to do this


            You can also try this out easily using a Tes Drive Lab


            You cannot use RMAN+OSB to back up to your local machine.

            You can backup your Oracle DB on (either on your local machine or on EC2) to S3. Once the backup is in S3 you can download it to your local machine if you like.