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    can a BIP report point to multiple Data Models ?

      For our application we have two different set of Datasets and based on the parameter passed we need to query one set of dataset and generate report. we have common template for both sets.

      1. can we seed both sets of Datasets in a single DataModel and is there a way where DataModel conditionally queries only one set based on parameters passed?

      2. If we seed the datasets in seperate datamodels , can we create a single report that points to these two datamodels and conditionally chooses the datamodel based on the parameters passed?
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          which version of bi publisher you were using?

          11g. you create multiple data sets ( say EMP,DEPT,OFFICE) for a data model and use it as a data model for multiple reports but you cannot conditional limit the data set execution.

          we cannot use multiple data models for a report but can use multiple data sets for a data model as far as i know.

          but you may can skip the query execution using package method

          like say you have indicator as an option IND LOV values EMP,DEPT,OFFICE

          lets say they selected IND = 'DEPT'

          so in the package level you can check the IND value and skip the query execution of emp and office and only dept data is populated in xml. like that for all the three sections you need write conditional block in package .

          as a work around you can do like this but you need to have an indicator as parameter so that you can know user selected which report and which query needs to be executed. ( need to use before report triggers for using packages).

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