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    Remove additional rows from grand total in pivot

      Hi All

      I need to have a report where i am adding a date value in the measure so that my first heading will be weekwise.

      Below is a sample of the result needed

      Assigned | Pending | WIP |Grand Total
      p1|p2|p3 p1|p2|p3 p1|p2|p3 p1|p2|p3

      In column i am putting the date feild,then the priority,This grand total is a calculated column which i am adding in the measure.

      My requirement is that i do not want to show the individual priorities in the grand total.It should only show the sum of the values in Assigned,Pending,WIP.

      I am not able to achieve this.Can you please help in this regard.
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          Hi User,

          I think You need aggregate ( dts Assigned+Pending+WIP ).
          to achive this click on measure column, set aggreaget as SUM.

          Then add Total, which is shown on the upper side of the rows.


          Second method is , you can create one more column like (Assigned+Pending+WIP) and add this as measure in the analysis.

          Mark if correct,