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    Referencing Shared Java EE Libs in Weblogic from WAR inside EAR

      We have a number of applications that need to reference to both Oracle and our own Shared Java EE Libraries on WebLogic. They are structured as folows:

      Our own shared library, "framework", is packaged as a JAR inside an EAR, along with all non-Oracle, third-party libraries (JAR:s) and deployed as a shared library in WebLogic. This is it's manifest:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Created-By: Apache Maven 3.0.4
      Built-By: lajokon
      Build-Jdk: 1.7.0_07
      Implementation-Vendor: <organization>
      Implementation-Title: Framework Lib
      Implementation-Version: 15.0.2
      Implementation-Vendor-Id: org
      Specification-Vendor: <organization>
      Specification-Title: Framework Lib
      Specification-Version: 15.0.2
      Extension-Name: framework-lib
      All JAR:s are in APP-INF/lib

      The applications are each packaged in a WAR inside its own EAR. The WAR weblogic.xml:


      The EAR application.xml:


      The EAR weblogic-application.xml:


      All libraries are deployed by default or deploy correctly in WL. As does the application EAR.

      But, when I access the application i get runtime errors saying it can't load resources located in the WAR:s WEB-INF/classes dir!?

      However, I can see, from log output, that it loads resources from the Framework EAR. Why does WL not seem to care about the contents of my WAR?