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    HFM Metadata Log

      Hi Experts,

      Are all changes in metadata in an HFM application captured somewhere ? This is a requirement from an auditors perspective. If not as a log file on the server, is it atleast captured at a database level ? Is there a way to retrieve this historic change information in someway ? The version in consideration is EPM

      Thanks in advance.
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          HFM does not track changes made to metadata. Most companies keep copies of each changed file offline which you can identify the changes using BeyondCompare or a similar utility. There are third party utilities that may offer this functionality, but out ofthe box HFM does not provide this. Likewise there are no transactional tables that track such changes. Another possibility is to use Data Relationship Management from Oracle, but still it's another product.

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            Something I talked about doing at Kscope 12 was setting up triggers on those database tables so that you could keep a historical log. If you did this, you could also have a means of recovering orphaned data, etc.

            Oracle wouldn't approve because this is non-standard; however, if you have a competent database guy, this would be a very simple change.

            From a performance standpoint, you wouldn't get much of an impact because the triggers would only fire on an update, deletion, insertion of the particular tables which would only happen when loading metdata, etc. Daily operation would not be impacted.

            If I ever get out from my mound of work, I was going to put something together around this and some other ideas I've had floating in my head....
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              I think you have a great idea. This is a very common request to report on changes to metadata and also to rules. I see the mechanics of how this could be accomplished, but I lack your talent to pull this off. I don't think Oracle would have any issues with code that simply reads the tables and writes information out someplace else. Adding the triggers should not impede any functionality as long as you don't lock the tables or records, or write back to the product tables.

              -- chris
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                Hi, regarding this log issue, I have a question (HFM

                After the file.app has been loaded successfully, a small report is shown on the screen. This "log" contains some info about dimensions, if labels have changed, if parent/child relationships have been deleted, time elapsed etc.

                Is there anyway to find this "log" or is it just a temporary file been created at the time of the loading and then deleted ??

                Thanks in advanced