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    iscsi library is not in Dynamic Block Storage

      Hi all,

      I've added a ZFS Storage Appliance. It is configured for NFS and ISCSI. I got in the Assets Tab the Storage with the file server and the iscsi unit. I was able to create shares in file server and logical units in the iscsi. And I had below the Dynamic block Storage the ZFS Storage appliance.

      Then I have removed the library and everything wasn't there anymore. (works as designed :-) )

      The I have added the library again. It's again in the assests Tab below Storage.
      Now I see the file server with the shares inside and I'm able to create new. But in the iscsi I don't see any logical units. I'm able to create new units (I see the LUN's on the ZFS Storage appliance) but they are not visible in the logical units tab. And the ZFS Appliance is missing below the Dynamic Block Storage as well.

      Any Ideas?