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    List of values from a Restful web service


      I'm very new to apex and as part of a proof of concept we're looking at how we could use Apex with our current infrastructure. We have an Oracle 11gr2 back end with a layer of packages providing an abstraction layer over the data model - all data access is performed through those packages. On top of that we have a middleware layer implementing a restful web service interface for those stored procedures.

      I've been looking at apex and I can see that it's possible to create a form based on a web service, and with the APEX_WEB_SERVICE package, we can call them direct and I assume we can do pretty much whatever we like. What I can't see at the moment is whether it would be possible to use web services as a source for our lists of values or whether we'd need to bypass the restful layer to source data for them. Ideally we want to source all of our reference data via the restful layer so that we can populate our drop down lists etc.

      My understanding is that if we create a list of values in shared components, we need to supply a query for it. That's easy enough to work into the stored procedure layer by providing a pipelined function to return the data rather than exposing the data model. However I can see any way to source that data direct from a restful service. If that's not possible, what would our other options be? Could we use a combination of apex_web_service and some tricks to populate our interface components with reference data? Would we need to look at other options such as Jquery for creating and populating these controls?