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    Webgate 11g verification

      Hi all,

      I have installed OHS 11g and Webgate 11g successfully.How to verify Whether the webgate 11g is running or not.
      Please suggest me on this.

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          Hello Deena,

          This forum is specific to weblogic, for webgate you can post your IDM-OAM related queries on IDM forum.....anyway for webgate you wouldn't be able to verify by any process or pid kind of thing, to verify webgate installation

          Verifying the Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager
          After completing the installation of Oracle HTTP Server 11g Webgate for Oracle Access Manager, including the post-installation steps, you can examine the installDATE-TIME_STAMP.out log file to verify the installation.

          On UNIX systems, if you do not know the location of your Oracle Inventory directory, you can find it in the <Webgate_Home>/oraInst.loc file.

          On Microsoft Windows systems, the default location for the inventory directory is C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs.


          Further, for weblogic you can reach my blog http://weblogicserveradministration.blogspot.in/

          - Mukesh
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