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    EMPA Import Dimension - merge as shared in Release

      Hello all,

      we have to import our new business year entity-structures, so we build it in excel, create an ads-file and try to import to dimension library.
      In hfm release we had an option named "merge as shared".
      Now in release this option is missing and we can only import with options "replace", "merge as primary" and "merge as move".
      We do the same things in like in but we get much more warnings.

      We tried to import our ads-file and get over 3000 warnings, that a primary could´t found, but the new entity-structure will be shown correctly.
      In the documentation we haven´t found something about these new options.
      So we hope someone can tell us wich option is the replacement of the "merge as shared" option.

      Many thanks in advance for any help or information.