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    Upgrade Wizard RPD and Catalog

      i am using OBIEE10 and OBIEE11g both in server1 linux machine. I have installed OBIEE11g another Server2 Linux box.
      Now i want to migate server1 OBIEE10g into server2 OBIEE11g.
      Could you pls let me know the procedure.How can i migrate rdp and catalog.
      Which machine can i start ua wizard.
      and Pre Migrate and Post migrate steps also .

      Govind r
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          Check these

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            Those link not described about catalog migration.
            "Made a copy of 10g repository into a separate folder for upgrade." similarly How we can migrate 10g catalog.We need to take backup separatly for catalog or ?

            catalog directory = 10g catlog folder
            Catalog delivery directory means= 10g catalog ibot deleveries or Destination folder for OBIEE11G?.

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              Srini VEERAVALLI
              Its better to keep back of your 10g files since they are source.

              In given link they mentioned about rpd target loc in 11g.

              The tool upgrade them and host.

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