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    Event Handler is not triggering

      Hi All,

      I have created an post process event handler and deployed the same in oim11g but it is getting triggered. Can you assist me? Below are the steps

      1.Created a java class by name CustomEvent.java
      2.Created a zip file (event.zip) with the below file structure and placed it in plugins directory(oim_home/server).
      3.Registered the plugin using pluginregister.xml found in plugin utility directory
      ant -f pluginregister.xml register
      4.Iimpored the event handler metadata xml using weblogic import utility.
      that is weblogicImportMetadata.sh
      5.Cleared the caches.

      I set the weblogic properties like this---------


      -- and also I done restarting the weblogic and oim aftere deploying the plugin
      -- I checked in oracle enterprise manager in MBean browser whether my event handler is registered and deployed or not, there it contains message like this
      After that created a User in OIM but event handler is not getting triggered.

      when I click on submit it raise the error like this.......**IAM-2050243* : Orchestration process with id 473, failed with error message IAM-0080026 : Event handler {0} implemented using class/plug-in {1} could not be loaded................**