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    @Resource injection in JSF2 Managed Beans in a Cluster enviromnent


      I would like to know how an webapp using JSF 2 behaves with the following scenario:

      - Weblogic 11g (*release 10.3.6*)
      - two managed servers in cluster
      - one webapp* deployed in the cluster with session replication enabled
      * this webapp have a managed bean which references an local EJB** (using @Resource)
      ** this EJB reference is trasient because of serialization issues.

      When managed server 1 fail the client's session fails over to second one, but when the managed bean try to use the injected resource (EJB in my case) it fails. So, my question is: My EJB resource has to be clustered? Is there any way to instruct the WLS to re-inject the resources after a failover in the webapp layer?