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    Default Value Date Picker Field


      In a detail tabular form I am referencing a date picker field from the master form as default value.

      This is the situation in the detail form:

      Column Name:                   FECHAREGISTRO -- the field's name in the detail tabular form

      Default Type: Item (application or page item name)
      Default: P68_FECHAREGISTRO -- It's a field in the master form and also is Date Picker format
      Reference Table Owner: SAMPEDRORIVEROS
      Reference Table Name: BITACORAABOGADO
      Reference Column Name: FECHAREGISTRO -- It's a date field in the database

      At execution time I have the error:

      report error:
      ORA-01790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression

      I think it is because i must use to_date and to_char in order to change the datatype and i have tried using:

      Default: to_date(to_char(:P68_FECHAREGISTRO,'DD-MON-YYYY'),'DD-MON-YYYY')

      and in Default Type: PL/SQL Expression or Function

      but I get a different message at execution time:

      report error:
      ORA-01722: invalid number

      Could you explain me what is the problem??

      Thanks in advance.