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    Unable to provision user/org in OIM to AD


      We have installed oim to integrate it wih AD server. all the steps as in documentation have been done.connectors deployed . but when we try to provision a user/org it stays it in provisioning state when looked in resource history it shows the below error


      Not sure how to resolve the same.

      Also the recon job ran successfully but failed to retrieve data(user d created on AD) onto OIM as well.

      Any advice will be appreciated.


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          Rajiv Dewan
          What is the error ?
          Which task is in Pending State - System Validation or Create User ?
          If System Validation: Make sure all the mandatory fields are having some value including Organization, IT Resource.
          If Create User: Make sure IT resource is configured properly, Organization Filed Value is provided on Process Form.

          If it fails, capture the logs and paste it here.