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    Creating a field or workflow that responds to the Current System Date.

      In our activities/tasks we have a field that is the Expected Completion Date or Required Completion Date. Based on that date, and the current date, I want a workflow to trigger when the required completion date is less than 30 days away, sending daily reminders to the owner/manager that they have a activity/task due.

      The way I see it I have two options.
      1. Customize a field to be the system date. Create a workflow that says every time that field changes, and the date is within 30 days of required completion date, send out an email.

      2. Create a workflow that somehow incorporates the current/system date, and do the same thing as above, substituting the field with the actual date.

      I don't know how to make either of those options happen. Does anyone either have other options or advice on how to make this work?

      Thank you in advance!