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    Question on Logical table Sources

    Ivan C.
      Good day!

      I would like to ask for your advice on an bottleneck I am experiencing in a repository implementation in Siebel/OBIEE.
      I am to create a logical table which sources comes from two different tables(Physical table A and Physical table B).
      I am trying to union the contents from table A and table B so I planned to use fragmentation content.

      My problem is that there is no way to distinguish the difference between the records coming from physical table A and table B.

      I created two logical tables sources and specified the same condition for both but the server would automatically choose the first one and would not include the records from the second logical table source.

      Is there any other way I could combine the records from table A and table B in Business Model and Mapping layer?
      Please, I would like to know your thoughts.