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    "Initiates" option not found for Send Task Activity

      IDE Environment:
      JDeveloper IDE
      BPMN Editor
      SOA Composite Editor
      ADF Business Components
      Java(TM) Platform     1.6.0_24
      Versioning Support

      issue description:
      After open a "Send Task" Activity Properties Implantation page, For Conversation only have "Default" & "Advanced" option.

      But the following description found from Help Center:
      Send Task Properties Dialog - Implementation Page
      Oracle BPM Editor > Component Palette > Send Task > dialog for the Send Task
      Use to edit the implementation properties for the send task.

      Initiates: the send task is the first participant in the conversation
      Continues: the send task continues a conversation that a receive task in the process started

      How can I find the "Initiates" option? or any other way to Using the Send and Receive Tasks to Communicate Between Processes?