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    Oracle IDM authentication issue


      I am new to IDM 11g and we added the tenants/users/admin users/roles to the IDM for UI access via LDAP. We donot have problem with logging into UI via LDAP/IDM. We have an issue where ,when ever we log into IDM identity page [i.e URL will be http://HOSTNAME:7777/identity/faces/pages/identity.jspx ] it throws an error as shown below

      OracleJSP error: java.io.FileNotFoundException:

      Set the init-param debug_mode to "true" to see the complete exception message.

      Please help me identify what exactly an issue is, this applies to the "read only" users or "limited" roles [i.e less admin roles]. Can you please let me know where exactly log file should we review and where to turn on debug mode.