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    can not ssh to solaris 9 sparc (Generic_112233-12) while using "aes128-cbc"

      hi everyone:)

      I am new here.I have met a strange problem while trying ssh to a solaris 9 sparc (Generic_112233-12) using a ruby script.

      then i debug it , and find where it comes out:

      during the " negotiating algorithms " period ,this solaris machine says it support aes128-cbc .

      so the negotiated encryption algorithm is "aes128-cbc". but when the client try to connent to server using "aes128-cbc" ,it failed .

      I have another solaris 9 sparc machine , it's version is Generic_122300-60. and it's is ok with "aes128-cbc" (same ruby script).

      so my question :

      is that a known issue of solaris 5.9 Generic_112233-12 sparc ?