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    get serial number of ACS 38 CCID smart card reader to identify it.

      I m working over native card , and for security i want to get the special feature of smart card reader (serial number or anything) to make it distinguish with other reader. I am using ACS 38 CCID reader.

      what i did to find this-
      1- in Winscard.h , there are a function with name - SCardGetAttribute() , when i am using this for getting serial number , it is showing error like- Error 0x00000032 :- the request is not supported. while it is giving serial number when i am using other reader - SCM Microsystems Inc.

      2- when i go for registry ,


      string - usb\vid_072f&Pid_90cc\5&3873a573&0&2 (Device Instance Id) but for number of reader ,its similar. so here i am fail again.

      Is there any way to get this or i need to consult with manufacture?
      I already use javax.smartcardio.*; is there any function to get the detail of reader connected????