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    Push ext data from Sourcing Approval to Supplier and Facility


      When I create a sourcing approval I fill out some ext attributes during its Workflow . At the end of this SA I would like to automatically push the ext data to the related Supplier and Facility.
      Is there a way to do this?

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          I would recommend and it may be easier to just write a report that you launch from the company or facility that displays all of the extended data from the sourcing approvals in one view. You can even add an icon to the navigation menu to open the report so it looks like a core feature. We have a function that will allow you to know what company or facility the user is on when executing the report as well.

          However, if the report isn't enough to solve the business problem and you have to duplicate the data then this would be a custom extension. You could leverage one of our events like Workflow to kick off the process. For example, when workflowing the sourcing approval to "Approved" you kick off custom code to copy the extended data to the company. You can learn more about our events in the extensibility guide.
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