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    FDM Export : Extract log

      Dear all,

      Is it possible to extract log file instead of only viewing log in FDM?

      I am currently trying to analyze the log files sent after an export to HFM, but it is difficult to do it directly in FDM. I would rather use FDM since the log is huge.

      Thanks and best regards,

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          The source files for the logs can all be found in the FDM application Outbox\Logs directory
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            Thanks, where is the outbox located on the server?


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              It is a sub-directory of your FDM application directory on whichever Server that has been setup, usually the FDM application server. An easy way to find out the root directory is to choose the Add application option from the Application dropdown on the FDM logon screen. You will need to login as admin. Then select the application in question and hit the Modify button. You will then be able to see the path to the FDM application root directory. Navigate to that directory and the Outbox sits one level down
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                Dear SH,

                We have come to a solution. The log we were looking to was not the FDM log but the HFM ones. We are tracking the errors that occurs during the export phase.

                So we just found it not in the FDQM folder but in the FinancialManagement folder.

                Thanks a lot for your help.
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                  Why don't you turn intersection validation on. Any errors will then be caught at the validatio stage and be presented in an easy to interpret Intersection validation report. You should then encounter no errors at the export stage