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    Changing column number in same page (RTF template)

      i need help to make layout as follows. I have searched internet and this forum for answers, but none helped me to achieve desired goals. Also i have tried many variants of layouts with no big success.

      So i need produce report where in middle of first page is report name(FIRST_PAGE_TEXT in example below), then data must go into two columns (columns made in MS WORD, not table columns), and then columns is ended some text (LAST_PAGE_TEXT) must follow.
      Section brakes don't work, they appears as page breaks. Putting (FIRST_PAGE_TEXT, LAST_PAGE_TEXT) into header and footer(with <?start@last-page-first:body?><?end body?>) also not work in all cases.
      I'm using Oracle BI Publisher Template Builder for Word

      P.S. there can be one report page or more.

      column1 column2
      column1 column2
      column1 column2