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    Where do you set the defaulvalue dimension datavalue for FDM export files

    Paul Rollings
      Hopefully someone can help with this.

      After a change we made yesterday to allow users to Merge data when exporting from FDM (previously this was restricted to replace only) the value dimension component of the FDM data export file is now showing as [None], in files prior to the change it was <Entity Currency>.

      All of the literature I have managed to find refers to the value dimension default datavalue as being left at default, but does anybody know where this default setting is within FDM.

      I'm completely stumped, I have checked all of our settings against our TESTFDM (which had the same change made but still works) and both FDM apps appear to be setup the same, is there an export script or something which determines the default value dimension for the data export file.

      Any suggestions or pointers will be gratefully received.