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    EBS-Concurrent Manager

      Hello friends :)

      I'm newbie DBA. I was trying to learn patching on Oracle Applications & I applied a standalone patch on test server for Bills of Material Product. I followed steps and successfully applied it ;-)

      Then I checked EBS, clicked on Concurrent Manager > Administer, here it shows Internal Manager's status as blank.

      I submitted new Active Users request but it's holding the request and shows Phase=inactive & Status=No Manager.

      Request Diagnostics states :
      "This request will not be processed because there are currently no managers running that can process it.
      his is an error condition. There are one or more managers defined that can process this request that should be running at this time, but do not appear to be running.
      Contact your system administrator and/or check the manager log files for errors".

      I've EBS 12.1.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3.

      Please help me to solve the issue keeping in mind that I'm a newbie :)