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    How add new column in analysis from two subject area

      which is the right way to add a new column to an existing combined analysis from two subject areas?

      if I add the new column first in my two combined queries, then I saw a new column in the results column panel, but this new column is empty and I can't edit its propreties (the button edit column doesn't work). I can't even save the modified analysis due to a "bad xml" errror.

      if I try to first add a new column from the results panel and then in my combined queries, obiee says that new columns are not of the same type.
      I suppose this is because the new column in results panel has no aggregation formula, unlike new columns in queries.
      But I don't know how to change the properties of the new field in the results panel, with no subject area available.

      I have to restart from a single subject area? possible?
      In this case, there is a way to save/copy filters ecc. from the old analysis?

      If anyone can help.