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    Oracle Policy Automation 10.4.2 and Siebel Connector 10.4.1

      We are pleased with the release of OPA 10.4.2, in which the problem with rule fragments that I reported is resolved. Thanks development team!

      We are currently setting up a couple of servers for web determinations / determinations server wars with 10.4.2. We are using Opa with Siebel and directly per web service.

      The wars that are included with the siebel connector ( siebel-determinations-server.war, siebel-wd-embedded.war and siebel-web-determinations.war are still at 10.4.1. How can we best install Opa? Can / should we 10.42 (non-Siebel) with 10.4.1 (Siebel-connector), or can we somehow use the 10.4.2 wars with the Siebel connector?