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    Next 25 Rows down arrow shows blank page


      I'm facing a rather unusual issue with an analysis in OBIEE I have an analysis and there are action links from all the columns in the report to different detail-ish reports. The action links work fine (they are passing parameters just fine) but on the detail analysis, if there are more than 25 rows to display, when the user clicks the down arrow for the next 25 rows, it shows no rows whatsoever and just the report links (Return, Export etc.) on top of the page. I know for sure that there are more rows and I have looked at the detail report separately to check whether there are more rows for that query and if the down arrow is working there. This only seems to happen on the dashboard, if I access the master in the catalog and test this, it works just fine. I've also looked at other reports that have more than 25 rows and the error doesn't seem to crop up there.

      Any help would be appreciated.