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    Peoplesoft FSCM 9.1 Approval Workflow Process(AWE) - External Approver

      Hello All,
      Can someone guide me in adding the Email ID's of "External Approver" option used in "Approval Step Definition" Page in Approval Process component.

      My Client is asking for a Email Notification to External Approver(Non-Peoplesoft User) to approver the Credit Invoice Approval in Approval Process framework(AWE). Please let me know the field or location/Option or Page to add an Email ID of External Approver(Non-Peoplesoft User) since we have an Option with Check Box for External Approver in AWE.

      If there is an option for the above i need to implement the same External Approval for Billing Worksheet used in Peoplsoft FSCM 9.1 Billing. Please throw your ideas on this too if possibe.