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    Conversion of a file with 2 converters in UCM / IBR?

      Hi Folks,

      This might be a basic question, but would be helpful in making a key decision in our use case.

      Can we configure 2 conversions for a single file format? As we would like to convert each incoming jpeg file into PDF as well as getting the image renditions.

      To get the incoming jpeg file with different renditions, we have configured DAM. In the file formats > jpeg : Digital Media Graphics if configured, then we get the image converted into different renditions like Web, Thumbnail and Preview.

      To get the incoming Jpeg file into PDF, In the file formats > jpeg : Direct PDF export if configured, then we get the image converted into PDF.

      But what we would like is both, as i cannot define both the conversions for the same file format jpeg? We would like the image to be converted into pdf as the Web Viewable format and also with the rendition data. Any pointers here?

      Can each file format supports only one conversion?