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    Customize error messages  user profile

    Rohan Dekate
      Hi All,
      How can we customize error messages In user profile . when we use profileErrorMessageForEach droplet it give some predefined error message , how can I Customize those error message And how can I displayed it next to the text box? Normally we use profileErrorMessageForEach droplet inside switch and it give the stack of error messages on top or bottom of page , how can i display particular next to respective text boxes. Any ideas ? thanks in Advance :)
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          Hi Rohan,

          Below answers might be handy...

          1. profileErrorMessageForEach property file can be overwritten in your module to update the customized error messages.

          2. For displaying error messages beside textbox, you can follow the approach below.

          <dsp:input type="text" bean="ForgotPasswordHandler.value.email"     size="35" required="true" name="atg_store_profilePasswordForgotEmail" iclass="required" id="atg_store_profilePasswordForgotEmail" />
          <dsp:getvalueof var="forPassFormExceptions" bean="ForgotPasswordHandler.formExceptions" />
          <c:if test="${not empty forPassFormExceptions}">
          <dsp:getvalueof var="forPassErrorCode" param="forPassFormExceptions.errorCode" />
               <c:if test="${forPassErrorCode == 'missingRequiredValue'}">
               <span class="invalid">
               <fmt:message key="myaccount_login_email_required" />

          The above example displays error message beside the email textbox, if the value is empty. The errorCode property is OOTB and set in the formhandler. You can also customize the errorCode property while adding a droplet exception in formhandler.

          -- Venkat