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    Unable to compile https wsdl in SOA 11G


      I am not able to compile SOA 11G project which is invoking https wsdl .
      I have created a keystore in Enterprise Manager and then added this keystore security in my composite.xml

      Error(17,30): Load of wsdl "https://IP: Port/DV812/RI_BillofMaterialStagingManager?WSDL" failed
      Error(29,103): Cannot find Port Type "{http://oracle.e1.bssv.JPR55301/}Oracle_E1_SBF_JWS_PkgBldFile_RI_BillofMaterialStagingManager" for "bom" in WSDL Manager.

      I am able to invoke this wsdl in SOAP UI after adding wsse:Username and wsse:Password while passing in the header payload.

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          1. Check if your able to reach the URL from the local system or the server.
          2. What type of keystore is configured in weblogic? Have you imported the certificate into \Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\DemoTrust.jks ?
          3. Have you restarted the server after importing the certificate?

          As a workaround Keep a copy of wsdl in the local system and refer it.