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    [HELP] Read Error on Solaris 10

      Hi Experts,

      I have an error on my solaris 10. I would like to know how to find the root cause of error because the error like encrypted.

      Here is the error:

      Sep 28 21:02:49 eccprod SC[SUNWscor.oracle_server.monitor]:ci-rg:db-srv-rs: [ID 564643 local7.error] Fault monitor detected error INTERNAL_ERROR: 102 DEFAULT Action=NONE : Error in í^@a^TÍ^C©»<87>µÆyÕ^[©§<8b>µ<86>¹Ð^E ^@<83>

      What's the error mean?
      Kindly help me to find out how understand this error.

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          You've made a total of two OTN forum posts thus far. You've used poor forum etiquette both times by cross-posting and "forgetting" to tell anyone. It's actually more than poor etiquette, but I'm trying to be polite in my response to you.

          No one here is paid to participate. No one gets compensated for their time and efforts.
          Why would anyone bother to respond when you've already had assistance elsewhere?