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    How does oracle JVM accesses fonts

      Hi ,

      We have a java program that creates image containing text of different fonts & languages.
      Java code used to create font: Font fnt=new Font(fontName, Font.PLAIN, this.FONT_SIZE);

      We created a JAR and using loadjava have loaded this jar into the database(11g) and the image gets generated correctly.

      When the same JAR is loaded into 10g database, though the image gets generated, all the text in it is displayed as boxes.

      Our database server(both 10g & 11g) is in Oracle enterprise Linux.

      As per the post, Re: How does JVM access fonts

      we have copied the font (.ttf files) in $ORACLE_HOME/javavm/lib/fonts but still it is being displayed as boxes.

      Kindly Help.