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    Calculated Measure - Total sum

      I have three dimensions : cluster dimension,location dimension,date dimension..
      and the measure as call duration.. for example i have the below data:

      cluster dim location dim date dim call duration

      c1 L1 2012 40
      C2 L2 2012 10
      C3 L1 2012 20
      C4 L3 2012 10

      Now i need to obtain the total duration from the above in calculated measure. i used moving total,cumulative total, period to date options in AWM. But am not getting any value when i build the cube.. am seeing the calcluted measure to be empty.. y so?? how do i determine the total duration in above case in AWM?

      can any one pls help???
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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          Do you have a hierarchy for each dimension?
          like a parent cluster node (with children c1, c2, c3, c4)
          and a parent location node (with children L1, L2, L3)
          and time with YR, QTR,MTH,DAY etc levels

          You can then look at the call duration data (in AWM cube viewer or olap worksheet or cube_table view)
          where cluster = 'the above parent node' and location = 'above parent node' and date = '2012'

          If this is not what you are looking for, then paste your formulas here for:
          moving total
          cumulative total
          period to date
          that you tried to define.

          Make sure that your cube was loaded (i.e., no rejected records) and that you can see the call duration data in AWM cube viewer (or olap worksheet or cube_table view) for the records that you mentioned.
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