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    API to update AP Invoice Information in R12

    Sree Reddy
      Hi Gurus,

      I am creating AP Invoices through iexpense modules and everything working file except project information..

      While creating the expense report i have entered project number and task details. But project information is not showing in AP Invoice ( this is standard functionality ).
      So, I am planning to update project related information in AP Invoice line level through API.

      Please let me is there any API.


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          Hi Sreehari,

          for the list of available API's, please add the responsibility "Integration Repository" to your username and browse by application for the list of APIs. The expense report export uses the payables interface, hence there will be an API available for it.
          Also i would suggest an workaround of capturing this information in some DFF fields in the Invoice, hence when oracle does not provide something as standard, there must be a hint of complexity involved in performing the same....
          (One can also login to irep.oracle.com for accessing the list of API's but this site has been down for a reasonable period of time ..)