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    How to create a <af:selectManyCheckBox> from Pojo Class DataControls?

      Hi All,

      I haven't worked on POJO based datacontrols till now. Can anyone give me a pointer where it is explained to create a <af:selectManyCheckBox> component using these datacontrols?
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          When you drag the component on your page, you should get an wizard.

          Here you have an example of SOC. Should be pretty simular (if you can't figure out the wizard).
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            Sudipto Desmukh
            In addition to above post ... doing the implementation similar to post below would help-
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              Hi User404/Suipto,

              Thanks for that pointer. I created the select many check-box and did various things on it using Binding contexts in managed beans. But i have a question: -

              For now i am creating my List Values based on a POJO that has only 2 data members. It means from the class of which i have created data controls i am returning my L.O.V as a List Of object of a different class that has only 2 data members, but i am getting absurd behavior when i add some more data members. In that case my pageDef file contains Items in AttrNames tag only to be the that i have chosen to be displayed. So when i add odr fields also in AttRNames than my select many check Box displays combination of all the Items in AttrNames.

              But i dont want this. So i added odr fields in ListDisplayAttrNames. But this is not working as ListDisplayAttrNames api is not in use. So i cannot figure out when i have my LOV objects' data members number more than 2 then in what way should the binding be performed?

              Any HELP*

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