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    OBIEE 11g Prompt Issue

      I've a dashboard prompt containing a column *'Fiscal Year'*. While opening 'Fiscal Year' in prompt, it shows data like *2012.00,2013.00*...etc though in database data are liike *2012,2013*....etc. How can I rectify this decimal position??
      Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
      By the way, I'm using OBIEE
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          Go to your RPD Physical layer > change the Year column data type double into int then test it out. it should work

          also u can try to use round function on the Dashboard prompt year column (edit prompt year column formula section add it)

          example: Year data is 2010 then if u use round fxn
          ROUND("MT BUSINESS DATE"."Year",0) this will give u 2010

          ROUND("MT BUSINESS DATE"."Year",2) this will give u 2010.00

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            Have tried changing the datatype of Year column to INT?