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    Need Help to improve elapsed time for ldap server

      Hello All,
      I am new in LDAP. I am using SUN DS 5.2. I want to need help to how to improve elapsed time (etime) performance for ldap server .Which factors directly reflect etime ?

      Any help is highly appreciated.
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          Marco Milo-Oracle
          the adoption of caching mechanism (entry cache, DB cache, filesystem cache) may generally give very good results; so if you have a 'relatively' small DB you could load it entirely in cache.

          But more in general LDAP tuning is a too wide subject to be covered in a single forum thread due to the many implication and variables (i.e.: usage patterns, read/write operations, network infrastructure, hardware sizing, storage I/O subsystem, etc...)

          I suggest you to start from the standard product documentation:


          and in particular the "Installation and Tuning Guide".


          P.S. 5.2 is a 'glorious', but still VERY OLD release... if possible, try moving to a more recent release!